Printers are standard pieces of office equipment, but you may not always know which one is best for your workplace.

With so many different makes and models out there, you need the proper information to make the right decision. By equipping your employees with the right printers, you can:

  • Boost productivity across the board
  • Keep your costs as low as possible
  • Improve the quality of your printed documents

Valley Office Systems is proud to offer sales, service and support for high quality printers from Canon, Sharp, Ricoh, Kyocera and HP. 

Finding the Right Printer for You

Before buying a printer, it is helpful to identify your specific printing needs. Ask yourself:

  • On average, how many pages does your business print per day?
  • How quckly do you need your devices to print? (In pages per minute)
  • Do you just need to print documents or will you need to scan or fax them too?
  • What level of security do you need to protect your information?
  • What finishing features will you need for your documents? (Stapling, booklet making, three-hole punch, etc.)

Valley Office Systems' friendly, knowledgeable staff can help you answer these questions and find printers that meet your requirements to ensure your complete satisfaction with the products you purchase from us.

Servicing Your Printers

We perform service calls on a per-call basis. Our technicians focus not just on the problems at hand but on preventative maintenance as well. In addition to this, we'll provide you with printing supplies regardless of the type of contract you have with us.

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Mar 20

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